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8 Steps to Premium Heart Pine Flooring and Lumber

When it comes to your antique flooring and lumber, we get to know the wood every step of the way. Long before you waltz across your hardwood flooring, it starts with inspecting every piece to ensure the right age and proper quality. Only after certifying by hand that the wood is virgin growth lumber do we then take it home for production. Once your antique lumber is back at our warehouse, we re-inspect, grade, sort, and process the wood to bring out the best that nature has to offer. We hand inspect every single piece of wood a minimum of eight times before it leaves for your home or business.

1 - Intensive research. The location and history of the source buildings matters. We source samples and make sure every piece is virgin first growth pine.

2 - Site visitation and inspection. Each piece undergoes a hands-on inspection to ensure premium quality antique wood.

3 - Culling. Separating the good, the bad, and the ugly properly by an experienced hand is certainly time consuming. Getting the right wood for What It's Worth is the only thing that matters.

4 - Transport. Your wood is shipped with care from the acquisition site to our processing facility in Kimball, TN.

5 - Cleaning. We thoroughly clean your wood to bring out it's unique character and color.

6 - Denailing and metal removal. Further cleaning and separation of the flooring and structural wood occur.

7 - Grading. Quality flooring comes from quality wood and attention to detail. We continuously inspect each piece while running the floor in your requested width.

8 - Prep, Package, Ship. Each palette is packaged and wrapped to exacting standards - the only way to do it right.

As the wood reveals it's character, our experienced hands select the right pieces for your needs. You can feel our passion for precision, premium hardwood flooring and lumber in every step you take. Discover What It's Worth today.

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