We specialize in reclaimed lumber that we turn into exquisite exposed beams, stairs, and wide plank hardwood floors for our satisfied customers. What It's Worth has been in business since 1979.
Four Secrets To Great Hardwood Floors

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This bedroom maintains a rustic feel with exposed beams overhead.Wide plank rough sawn pine next beneath a stone fireplace from one of our satisfied clients. The esposed finish on these structural timbers helps them blend well with the room while adding depth and character. This customer chose to go with wide plank pine flooring for their home. Wide planks and antique timbers complete this minimalist bathroom. Wide plank hardwood floors complement your room's furnishings! Exposed beams can add character and depth to your room. Only antique rough sawn hardwood has the genuine character and distinctive look to complement your home's decor. Quarter sawn pine can give your space a warm feeling. Attention to detail is the key to producing wide plank hardwood floors and exposed beams that complete a customer's dream home. This customer used a dark stain to add character to their office. Look at the contrast between the red and the dark stain. Antique exposed beams can be used to add structural integrity and aesthetic appeal to your interior. Rough sawn wood from first growth lumber has beautiful grain structure and unique history. This restaurant brings out the history in their barroom by using rough sawn pine from wall to wall. Both the floor and ceiling feature first choice wide plank pine. Notice the rough sawn finish on the wood in the beams on the ceiling. This customer added a unique perspective to their entryway by using antique timbers for the ceiling. This office features a deep stain on the wide plank hardwood floor. Detailed view of the grain structure on this rough sawn, wide plank hardwood floor. Make your kitchen feel roomier and more expansive with quality wide plank hardwood floors. This floor showcases the beautiful grain structure of reclaimed heart pine. Heart pine floors are a great addition to a kitchen, especially a wide plank cut. Reclaimed beams support heart pine floors on the second level of this customer's home. Exposed beams are weather resistant enough for certain external architectual uses. Sinker cypress log pulled from the swamp back in the early 1980s by Harold Faust, III. Rough sawn floors complete the rustic look of this bar. Depending on the direction of your planks, you may need just a few wide plank floorboards to cover the width of your hallway. We process wide plank floors up to 16" in width. Antique timbers create an appealing pattern on a vaulted cieling. Reclaimed pine retains its character from the rough sawn processing when it was originally cut as first growth lumber. These floors are heart pine that has been reclaimed from old buildings. Beams give this bedroom warmth and depth. Heart pine features a fine grain structure and rich patina. Wide plank pine makes for a beautiful hallway with its rich patina and unique grain structure. Reclaimed lumber abounds in this combination of exposed beams, hearty timber stairs, and wide plank heart pine floors. Wide plank hardwood gives your room a spacious, open feel. Much of the original character of the woods patina and saw cuts results from the rough sawn processing during its original harvesting. Structural timbers from first growth lumber come from old buildings that were typically built more than 100 years ago. This studio showcases structural beams and wide plank pine as well as beautiful art. The structural timbers were reclaimed from an old building and turned into quality exposed beams. Old wood from demolition sites is typically over 100 years old and comes from original first growth lumber. Our customers love our selection of wide plank hardwood floors. The wide plank flooring in this living room adds to its expansive feel.Thick structural timbers make excellent exposed beams and stairs. Marking exposed beams for processing back at What Its Worth headquarters.Heart pine flooring has various coloring and character based on how the wood was harvested, treated, and used over 100 years ago. Antique lumber creates unqiue hardwood floors that newer wood simply cannot reproduce. You can see the fine detail in the grain structure on this customer's antique heart pine wide plank floor. Quarter sawn pine has the benefit of improving any home!The soft, polished finish on this floor brings out the unique grain structure of the heart pine. A dramatic entryway that utilizes wide plank hardwood flooring. What Its Worth has provided high quality reclaimed hardwood floors since 1979. A polished look gives your home a very clean look when it comes to your hardwood floors. This stairway features heart pine steps, railings, and accents. The grain structure on this heart pine staircase is one of a kind. The railing on this staircase features a beautiful heart pine bannister.This home features gorgeous structural and exposed beams that are reclaimed from old buildings and form a grand entry staircase as well as accent the ceiling.  This garage uses exposed antique beams and wide plank boards to complete their walls.This wall is made from gorgeous wide plank barnwood. Exposed beams serve all types of purposes when it comes to aesthetically accenting your home. This garage features support beams and ceiling beams. Make your kitchen stand out with bold beams reclaimed from old buildings. Gorgeous grain structure makes quarter sawn pine a perfect choice for your home. A gorgeous view looks out over the treetops for one of our satisfied customers with a wide plank heart pine floor.This customer used a dark stain for the antique pine floors to achieve a custom look. Mixed width "Texas Choice" flooring gives an elegant feel to a room. You'll notice a long, rich grain structure across this wide plank heart pine floor in a customer's living room.A close up view of the exquisite grain structure visible with proper processing of reclaimed antique pine. Mixed width flooring is a great option for smaller and medium sized rooms. This example uses mixed width heart pine to provide a sense of spaciousness.A close up of the long, fine grain structure of quarter sawn pine. By avoiding tongue-and-groove flooring, we mill widths of up to 16" such as this wide plank pine.You can see the filler in between each board of wide plank pine in this closeup inside a client's kitchen. A perfect example of the luxurious grain structure of quarter sawn wide plank heart pine. This rough sawn floor elongates and widens the feel of a hallway. A home office with a wide plank heart pine floor.This stair landing features wide plank hardwood flooring. These stairs showcase the beauty of using a single wide plank board for each step. Rough sawn heart pine has been stained for a darker look in this clients big open room. You can clearly see the definition from the original saw used in processing this rough sawn hardwood floor. These custom built wide stairs feature beautiful hardwood. The detail on the saw marks results from the maual processing as first growth lumber was cut more than one hundred years ago. This customer's red desk sits atop a custom run of rough sawn wide plank heart pine flooring. Notice the beautiful grain of the heart pine in this mixed width floor. This customer utilized mixed width reclaimed hardwood to provide a colorful floor with character. A closeup of the saw cuts on rough sawn reclaimed pine underneath a red desk in a customer's home. Another angle of the rich saw marks in this gorgeous rough sawn heart pine floor. Quarter sawn pine has a very unique and beautiful grain structure and rich patina that is hard to find in other reclaimed wood. Exposed beams are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally efficient. They may also be eligible for certain "green" credits based on recycling code in your area.A super closeup of the unique long grain of fine quarter sawn antique heart pine. The grain structure of heart pine is absolutely beautiful and will blend perfectly with any pine or other hardwood accents in you home. Wide plank pine gives this stair landing a spacious and welcoming feel. A living room complete with leather furniture and gorgeous heart pine floors. This landing makes the most of the unique saw marks and grain structure of rough sawn pine. This kitchen features our "Texas Choice" hardwood floor.Antique wide plank pine gives this mighty throne room a spacious feel fit for a king.
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